Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and wished the sauces and maybe even some of the recipes were made available to you? Many restaurants won’t be so bold as to give away their recipes, unless you were planning to use their sauces and dressings to enhance the flavor of your food. With chefs and restaurants looking for you to come for a second, third, fourth or more visit to their place of business, they certainly like to keep everything under wraps and allow you the pleasure of experiencing dining in their place for the amazing food they have to offer.

Feast from the East has created a bit of a different philosophy. Knowing the large amount of people coming to Los Angeles are simply passing through, and many of their local patrons might want to be able to enjoy food with their sauces at home, they have come up with an offering of a variety of sauces that can enhance the flavor of any food and are actually made to be healthier than many of the sauces and dressings you might be able to buy in stores now. Their sauces are all natural, contain no artificial preservatives, include no MSG, have no trans fat, and are considered to be kosher.

With sauces and dressings offered from Feast from the East, your food can have a flavor that truly turns your dinner into a dining experience, even a t home. Established in 1981, as a true hole in the wall style restaurant with only two tables, Feast from the East has grown from the small Japanese and Chinese take-out restaurant, into a place that has the most critically acclaimed Chinese Chicken Salad in Los Angeles. Growing from this humble beginning, Feast from the East has learned over their long history what their customers want, to be able to have a restaurant style dining experience at home.

With five dressings being offered online along with a fantastic marinade, Feast from the East brings you the dining experience you desire, right to your very own kitchen. All dressings can be used as marinades if desires, or enjoyed over some delicious salads to make the perfect meal that is both healthy and delicious, making it much easier on you when planning a menu for your family. Feast from the East also offers Wonton Strips for the added flavor enjoyment of your salad.

Whether you have made your way to Los Angeles to actually dine in the restaurant or you are looking for some authentic Chinese and Japanese sauces and dressings to use at home, Feast from the East gives you the ability to order these sauces and the wonton strips from home. By experiencing a more authentic flavoring in your own home, using sauces that are meant to add flavor while keeping your meal as healthy as possible, you can have a fantastic meal whenever you like with the enhanced flavorings offered from the Feast from the East sauces and marinades.